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6A 8A 10A IEC 62196 Type 2 EV Charger EVSE Portable Charging for Renault Zoe UK 3pins plug

Rated Current 6A / 8A / 10A/ 13A ( Optional )
Rated Power Max 3.6KW
Operation Voltage AC 110V~250 V
Rate Frequency  50Hz/60Hz
Leakage Protection Type B RCD  ( Optional )
Withstand Voltage 2000V
Contact Resistance 0.5mΩ Max
Terminal Temperature Rise <50K
Shell Material ABS and PC Flame Retardant Grade UL94 V-0
Mechanical Life No-Load Plug In  / Pull Out >10000 Times
Operating Temperature -25°C ~ +55°C
Storage Temperature -40°C ~ +80°C
Protection Degree IP67
EV Control Box Size 200mm (L) X 93mm (W) X 51.5mm (H)
Weight 2.1KG
OLED Display Temperature, Charging Time, Actual Current, Actual Voltage, Actual Power, Capacity Charged, Preset Time
Standard IEC 62752  ,  IEC 61851
Certification TUV,CE Approved
Protection 1.Over and under frequency protection 2. Over Current Protection 3.Leakage Current Protection (restart recover) 4. Over Temperature Protection 5.Overload protection (self-checking recover) 6. Ground Protection and Short circuit protection 7.Over voltage and under-voltage protection 8. Lighting Protection
Conventional charging is to use the portable charging equipment equipped with the vehicle for charging, which can use household power supply or special charging pile power supply. The charging current is small, generally about 16-32a. The current can be DC, two-phase AC and three-phase AC. therefore, the charging time is 5-8 hours depending on the capacity of the battery pack. Most electric vehicles use the power cord of 16A plug, together with appropriate socket and vehicle charger, so that the electric vehicle can be charged at home. It is worth noting that the general household socket is 10a, and the 16A plug is not universal. Need to use the socket of electric water heater or air conditioner. The plug on the power line indicates whether the plug is 10A or 16A. Of course, the charging equipment provided by the manufacturer can also be used. Although the disadvantages of the conventional charging mode are very obvious and the charging time is long, its requirements for charging are not high, and the charger and installation cost are low; It can make full use of the low power period to charge and reduce the charging cost; The more important advantage is that it can deeply charge the battery, improve the battery charge and discharge efficiency and prolong the battery life. The conventional charging mode is widely applicable and can be set up at home, public parking lot, public charging station and other places that can be parked for a long time. Due to the long charging time, it can greatly meet the vehicles operating during the day and resting at night.

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